LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. – After repeated renegade drivers crashed into her yard, Debbie Ryan now has a protective barrier in front of her home.

“About two weeks ago, somebody hit it,” Ryan said. “They lost part of their fender and left it. So we threw it away for them.”

She says that could have been the 14th driver to crash through her property.

“It would’ve got me again,” she said.

She lives on Penrod Road at Riverside Drive outside Troy, Missouri. The road bends in front of her house. Many drivers fail to follow that bend.

“It seemed to be almost a yearly event. I’m saying where we had damage, not where somebody just drove through our yard,” she said.

Such as a July 2020 incident in Ryan’s yard that she says caused $8,000 in damages. Ryan took cellphone video of the aftermath.

Brandon Michael Miller, 34, was later charged with DWI in that incident. FOX 2 was present in the courtroom when Miller appeared at a hearing in 2021. He got probation and was ordered to pay Ryan’s damages.

“We never received restitution,” she said. “Not a dime.”

That brought FOX 2 back to the Lincoln County Courthouse on Tuesday, where Miller was set to be sentenced for the original DWI because of his failure to pay. His attorney, told the court that Miller has COVID and couldn’t make it but that he’d come up with Ryan’s restitution for a rescheduled hearing next month.

Ryan laughed after the hearing.

“No, I don’t believe that for one second,” she said. “I’m going to be here. I want to see it.”

Though aggravated by the court delay, she takes comfort in the new safety barrier that she says is already making a difference.

“I do feel safer now and happier to go ahead and do my landscape again,” she said. “I think it’s going to work.”