ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – More than five years ago, Kaylee Priscu was driving on Interstate 270 near Dorsett when traffic stopped, except for a driver behind her with no license.

“She was less than five minutes from her destination,” Crystal, Kaylee’s mother, said.

Kaylee, who was just two days shy of her 19th birthday, was headed to her gig as an MMA ring girl.

She was rear-ended in a crash on the interstate in April 2017. It was so serious that the Missouri State Highway Patrol generated a 271-page crash report. According to that report, one particular driver was speeding, distracted, and had a suspended license.

“My first thing was, ‘So he was arrested, right?’ And their response was, ‘No,'” Crystal said. “On top of the shock of being told that your child is gone, it’s, ‘What do you mean, no?’”

Brent Plumlee was charged in 2018 with careless and imprudent driving and driving while revoked/suspended. Both are misdemeanors.

“We have been at this for five and a half years and this person has yet to step foot in a courtroom,” Crystal said.

A review of the court docket shows Plumlee often asking for the delays while using four different attorneys. One of those attorneys wrote the court that he was stepping aside, writing “Attorney/client relationship has deteriorated, and the defendant is not communicating.”

Meanwhile, Plumlee had another serious crash.

“My worst nightmare has happened,” Crystal said. “He’s hurt somebody else.”

A February 2022 MSHP crash report says Plumlee, now 56, “crossed the center lane” on Highway 94 in St. Charles, in a rollover crash that sent him and two others to the hospital.

“Here we go again,” Crystal said.

FOX 2 called and emailed Plumlee’s most recent attorney and have not received a response. Plumlee did just get a new trial date. After an initial trial date in 2019, Plumlee is slated to appear in court in May 2023.