JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – There has been a breakthrough criminal charge in the shooting death of a Jefferson County teen. A man has now been charged with trying to cover it up.

The shooting death of 16-year-old Nick Noe has been veiled in secrecy because a juvenile reportedly shot Noe in the head and the juvenile courts closed all proceedings to the public.

Even Nick’s father, George Noe, said he had a hard time getting into the courtroom. “I’ve been told nothing. I’m so in the dark every time,” he told FOX 2 in August.

But now an adult has also been charged in connection with the June shooting death. According to court documents obtained by FOX 2, 37-year-old Raymond Wadlow now faces a charge of concealing a felony. This development may finally bring facts about the case into the public record, five months after the crime.

On June 26, Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies reported that several people had driven Noe to a gas station on State Road PP in High Ridge and claimed someone shot at them on the highway.

Investigators were able to determine that Noe was really shot inside a home in the Byrnes Mill Farms neighborhood.

A newly-unsealed probable cause statement now reveals why the victim was moved. A witness claimed Raymond Wadlow “…made statements of him being on probation and did not want police to respond to his residence.”

Court records indicate police found evidence of blood cleanup in the home, but that the “…defendant claimed (someone) had a laceration to his arm…” Police noted “…the towels used to clean the bedroom were currently being washed in the washing machine.”

Documents also point out – “No notifications to 911 or first responders were made by the defendant.”

Noe’s attorney, Grant Boyd, has also now filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Boyd told us, “We’re looking forward to deposing the people that were involved with the incident, as well as the lead up to the incident.”

Boyd intends to use their civil case to get answers that George Noe questions if he’ll ever get from the criminal justice system. “More the fact finding that’s going to take place with that process,” Boyd said, “including forcing people to answer the questions that he has.”

Nick Noe would now be in his senior year at Washington High School. His father intends to get every answer he can about why Nick’s no longer with us.