BALLWIN, Mo. – The Ballwin Police Department found a delivery driver passed out behind the wheel of the parked vehicle. 

Police said they received a call from a citizen saying they noticed the delivery driver was falling asleep.  

“…called in by an employee originally for the guy falling asleep at a counter table at the business location, and he proceeded to go outside,” said Mark Reckert with the Ballwin Police Department. “The employee thought it was a little weird how guy was falling asleep, and by the time officers arrived a few minutes later, the guy was already asleep behind the wheel again.” 

It was reported on Friday at the ZX gas station at Manchester and New Ballwin. 

“The dude was like high. They didn’t say what kind of drugs,” said Joshua Plopper, a customer. “This is the first time I’ve heard about it happening in Ballwin. It was pretty shocking, like barely anything bad happens here.” 

Plopper said he was thankful the police arrived before the delivery driver woke up.  

“Don’t get high on the job when you’re driving a truck,” he said. 

Reckert said police cannot yet give the driver’s name or the name of his company because it is still under investigation, but they do want people to know their deliveries could be late. 

“There were some boxes within the vehicle that got towed,” he said. 

Reckert said it is a major, recognizable company, so FOX 2 checked with several big delivery businesses about their screening. 

“UPS delivery drivers, including our seasonal drivers, are hourly UPS union-represented employees,” said a spokesperson for UPS. “We conduct employee background checks in accordance with local, state, and federal law.” 

A spokesperson for FedEx said the following statement: 

“There is no higher priority for our network of couriers and service providers than ensuring the safety of our operations within the communities we serve. As is common across the industry and considered standard practice, couriers and employees of service provider businesses are subject to a criminal history background check as part of the eligibility process.” 

Walmart and Amazon said they were working on a response to FOX 2’s requests about screening. 

The Ballwin Police Department promised more details as soon as they hear back from prosecutors on possible criminal charges.