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ST. LOUIS — Betsy Faria’s daughter said we are not hearing her mother’s real story. Her mom is now being portrayed in a national TV series about Pam Hupp.

Mariah Day said her mom deserves so much better than the way she’s currently being represented in a dramatized TV series.

“I understand them bringing awareness to wrongful convictions, but I think there are so many other ways they can do that rather than making people’s real-life tragedies into a dramatized TV show for entertainment,” she said.

Mariah chooses to remember her mother, Betsy Faria, for her spirit.

“My mom was probably the most unique person you’d ever meet and she touched so many lives,” she said. “It’s just crazy to look back and think back to who she was.”

Betsy was someone who loved making people laugh – and who was electric on the dance floor.

“She should definitely be remembered more than her death story,” she said. “I think people forget there are so many victims impacted by that story.”

She mentioned Louis Gumpenberger, shot and killed by Pam Hupp in 2016. She also mentioned her step-dad, Russ Faria, who was wrongfully imprisoned for years because of Hupp.

Mariah said she’s constantly asked if she’s getting paid for the TV show since her name is used. She is not. She hasn’t even watched all of it, explaining that she could only get through watching part of the first episode.

She said she couldn’t stomach the dark comedy tone, adding, “For people to watch it and get satisfaction is just kind of strange.”

Mariah’s focus remains on good memories of her mom – as well surprising news about how Betsy Faria will live on.

“I am 9-months pregnant with a baby girl due on my mom’s birthday and her name will be Elizabeth Kay – named after my mom,” she said.

Betsy’s mother, Janet Meyer, also shared feelings about the TV show. She did not want to talk on camera but wanted me to know she did watch the entire program. She said they got so many things wrong it’s impossible to count.

For example, she said she did not have a last goodbye outside as Pam hurriedly drove Betsy away the night of the murder. She says that really hurt her to see that made up.

She also said she never owned a love sack chair like the one Pam Hupp was portrayed sitting on at her house. Janet says she has since found that chair costs a thousand dollars. She believes that made her look wealthy when she isn’t

She also talked about how Pam Hupp, back in 2011, was nothing like the way she appeared on the show. Janet says Hupp was not loud and not overly friendly, rather, more of an observer back then.

She said Pam’s bizarre behavior only seemed to come out later during the civil court fight when Pam Hupp refused to give Betsy’s daughters the life insurance proceeds.

Both of Betsy’s daughters spoke to FOX 2 last summer after Hupp’s indictment for their mother’s murder. Watch that report, in which they discuss law enforcement’s earlier failed Pam Hupp investigation here.