BRECKENRIDGE HILLS, Mo. – St. Louis County apartment residents have been told their flooded belongings are not worth saving. That unbelievable response comes from a man who says he’s in charge of the apartment complex, which flooded in July.

A bizarre episode unfolded in front of FOX 2 cameras as we pulled into the Glentown Lane apartments, located behind the municipal police department.

One tenant was yelling at workers over conditions at the 24-unit complex. It became so heated that a police officer walked over.

One of the workers walked up to reporter Chris Hayes and began recording with his cellphone, but he walked away when questioned.

“Are you affiliated with this apartment complex?” Hayes said. “I’m not sure who you are.” The man continued walking away without identifying himself.

Residents were in tears over their living conditions.

“Our rent’s paid. We have a son,” said Lisa Monroe. “It’s not right for somebody to be able to control something like that. We’re doing what we’re supposed to do.”

She claims many in the complex haven’t had air conditioning or hot water since the July floods filled their basements with several feet of water.

“I don’t know. I don’t know who to call,” Monroe said.

She says she pays rent to a holding company and is being evicted for talking to FOX 2 about their living conditions. St. Louis County Public Works showed up to investigate. An inspector posted violations on almost every door – “No Valid Permit, No Licensed Plumber.”

One of the apartment workers later told us he had the authority to answer our questions.

“You’re one of the owners?” Hayes said.

“No comment,” he said.

The man only identified himself as “Jason” and blamed the tenants.

“There was no mold. All their junk that was in the basements for years—that was no good in the first place—was removed,” he said.

When asked why he’d call their belongings “junk,” the man said it’s because the tenants themselves called it that.
“How do we know it’s not family photos?” Hayes said.

Lisa Monroe said that’s exactly what she lost.

“I had picture albums from when I was in college that I cut around,” she said. “We had tons of stuff down there.”

She’s salvaging what she can. She says she did just get her air conditioning repaired. Jason said it’ll be at least a week before one tenant gets her hot water back. He blamed one of the tenants for that delay.

“Now that we have to stop, now we have this person over here that does not have hot water,” he said. “Now she’s got to wait a week to get a permit.”

FOX 2 will stay on top of the county’s investigation as well as the ongoing tenant complaints.

You can watch the extended clip of the conversation between reporter Chris Hayes and the apartment representative who identified himself as Jason.

[Chris] You’re one of the owners?
[Jason] I’m not gonna, no comment
[Chris] Oh, ok, so can you tell me your name?
[Jason] Jason
[Chris] Jason. Jason…?
[Jason] Jason
[Chris] Just Jason, ok, but you won’t say if you’re one of the owners.
(shakes head no)
[Chris] Why not?
[Jason] Legal
[Chris] What are you afraid of?
[Jason] (he looks behind me at someone and says) so it’s fine
[Chris] Because one of the things I take objection to is junk – you’re calling their stuff junk.
[Jason] Yeah it’s been – I can show you when I go through my phone of all the junk that’s been in their basements – if you go in this basement where they claim it’s nice belongings – it’s been sitting, sitting for years – down there – and and it’s been sitting junk
[Chris] Who are you to call it junk?
[Jason] Uh because they called it junk
[Chris] How do we know it’s not family photos? What makes you be able to say that it was junk?
[Jason] I can say – what makes them say they can say oh they can videotape me doing something wrong? What are we out here for anyway?