ST. LOUIS – It could be considered one of St. Louis’ most popular intersections for young kids, so why are so many breaking the law?

Kim Hongisto is headed to the zoo.

“They don’t pay attention to the stop signs,” she said.

Numerous cars were spotted blowing through stop signs at the intersection of Tamm Avenue and Oakland Avenue.

“The safety for children and even handicapped people and stuff,” Hongisto said.

As pedestrians crossed the street Thursday, families were also walking toward Turtle Park, all while cars either blew through stop signs or did a rolling stop.

Lisa Mendell is visiting St. Louis for the day.

“Like there’s a lady pushing a baby over there, a stroller, you need to take precaution all the time and follow the rules,” Mendell said.

During an interview with Hongisto, someone ran a stop sign.

“Stay on the sidewalk for sure; kind of stay away,” she said.

People are surprised that the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has reported only six wrecks near Tamm and Oakland avenues since 2020. At least one of the wrecks stems from someone running a stop sign.

Some who work and live nearby said it’s a matter of time before someone is seriously injured, or worse, at this intersection.

“It’s like, ‘Drive like your own free will; who cares? I don’t see any cops; I’m in a hurry all the time,” Mendell said.

This area has seen its share of tragedy before.

In 2001, across the interstate, 7-year-old Luke Maue was killed after a drunk driver jumped the curb.

Mendell said the city should make changes to the corner to prevent another tragedy.

“Maybe a light would be better here next to the Zoo since there’s so many families going over there and it would just be a little safer,” Mendell said.

Others agree, even if it’s a crosswalk with yield lights to alert drivers of nearby pedestrians.

“Lights and buttons and stuff, so people can safely get around and take their turn,” Hongisto said. “If even people wanted to bike, I think this would be dangerous.”