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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Two detention officers face charges of setting up an inmate beating.  Fox 2 Investigator Chris Hayes reveals how it`s just the latest twist in what appears to be a criminal conspiracy in St Louis City jails.
Inside the Workhouse, prosecutors say corrections officers took an inmate out of his cell so he could assault another inmate.

Assistant Circuit Attorney Dan Proost said, “It does appear that this attack was orchestrated by these two corrections officers because they did go to the attacking inmate and ask them ‘do you want to assault this individual?'”

Proost said he watched jail surveillance of corrections officers Elvis Howard and Dexter Brinson walk the attacking inmate to another man’s cell for a staged assault.

Proost added, “Then the officers watched through the cell window.”

It appears to be another tentacle in a broader criminal conspiracy in the St. Louis jails.  This past April, court documents revealed hints of corruption tied to a dramatic jail escape from April 2011.  That’s because the Circuit Attorney’s office learned it would’ve taken the inmates about a month to dig through concrete and rebar before breaking out a window and repelling down bed sheets. 

Court documents also noted that a jail supervisor made what seemed to be unusual shift changes the night of the escape.  Another corrections officer was convicted for his role in the April 2011 escape and the circuit attorneys offices continues following leads.

Proost told us, “There’s cause to be concerned with this activity.  Once again you have corrections officers with a duty both to the inmates they protect as well as to the society, the city of St. Louis that they’re supposed to be protecting and in this case, that obviously did not occur.”

Prosecutors hope more people have the courage to tell the truth and expose corruption, as they believe was key to cracking the Workhouse assault case.


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