ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – There are changes happening outside a St. Charles County middle school after dangers were exposed in a recent FOX Files investigation.

Crews with the St. Charles County Highway Department were along O’Fallon Road on Thursday, installing new, eye-catching, pedestrian crosswalk signs.

It comes after the FOX Files exposed what parents have described as a chaotic crossing outside Francis Howell Middle School.

Our camera captured a young girl crossing the road, only to be briefly stuck in the median because the other lane of traffic would not stop.

On Thursday, the county started to replace crosswalk signs and install even more caution signs to warn drivers of children ahead.

Highway officials confirm most signs have been replaced; others will be installed in the coming days. The department restriped the crosswalk as well.

“The department will continue to monitor the situation and hopes that these measures will remind motorists to be alert and slow down,” the county wrote in a statement.

As cars zip by like they’re not in a school zone, there’s something noticeably different from the morning rush. A St. Charles County police officer stops traffic to let students cross.

The FOX Files has been told this is normal procedure in the afternoon. One must ask, Why is it not procedure in the morning?

The Francis Howell School District confirmed earlier this week that there is not a dedicated crossing guard.

“As we have communicated to parents, student safety is a shared responsibility and we always encourage families to use their best judgment in determining how their child gets safely to and from school each day,” the district said in a statement.