ST. CHARLES, Mo. – A two-year-old’s mother would not accept that her daughter just tripped and fell. Now, daycare inspectors believe they’ve found the real culprit.

Laquilshon Williams got a call in June from her daughter’s daycare to meet them at the hospital. Her daughter sustained a severe head injury.

Williams said she didn’t believe the daycare’s explanation for the injury.

“I heard two different stories and it wasn’t adding up,” she said.

The injury happened at Tendercare Learning Center in St. Charles, where the first story she said she heard is the same story the daycare director told police in bodycam video.

“Tell me what happened,” said the officer in the bodycam video.

“Ok so, there was a bookshelf here,” said the daycare director. “I moved it out, but she had a tutu on, and she stepped on it. When she went down to pick up a toy, she fell forward and hit her head.”

Williams said the daycare later said that a bookshelf fell on her daughter. She returned with a police officer to see the bookshelf.

An officer asked in that follow up:

“Where’s the shelf at?”

“I got rid of them – all of them,” the director said.

Police later acquired a photo of the shelf. The shelf contains hooks to hang jackets.

Missouri licensing rules stated the following:

“(Daycare furniture) shall be constructed safely, in good condition and free of sharp, loose, or pointed parts.”

Daycare inspectors on Sept. 9 found Tendercare in violation of that rule, noting the “…shelf was not properly secured.”

Attorney Thomas SanFilippo, who intends to sue on behalf of Williams and her daughter said, the daycare has a responsibility to make sure the kids are safe.

“They have a duty to protect these kids,” SanFilippo said. “At an establishment, that’s sole purpose is to have little kids who are known to be injured by these things, that’s why every bookshelf comes with an anchor and a big warning that says ‘Hey, your kid could get hurt if you don’t anchor this down.’”

Tendercare’s attorney told FOX 2 that the bookshelf was secured but the screws pulled away.

“Although, any accident or injury to any child under any circumstances is regrettable, I’m proud of the manner in which the director of this facility acted immediately to contact the mother,” said the daycare’s attorney. “Then accompany the child to the hospital, then explain the facts as she knew them to the child’s mother at the hospital.”

Williams’ daughter appears to be doing well. The attorney and family are now monitoring possible long-term consequences of the head injury.