ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Haven’t paid your vehicle taxes or failed your emissions test? It wasn’t a problem for drivers who visited a certain north St. Louis County license office, according to investigators.

DMV employees are charged with felonies for the illegal transactions that have left us surrounded by dozens of illegally licensed vehicles.

The DMV office in question is now shut down. It’s on West Florissant, just south of Interstate 270. Court records say three employees at the locations made connections at a church and at a strip club in order to take money under the table for illegal license plate deals.

The deals were uncovered after a year-long investigation by the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Court records indicate the secret deals ranged in price from $50 to as much as $2,100 in one case. The transactions reportedly led to dozens of illegally plated vehicles now driving around with delinquent taxes, no car insurance, and without the proper safety checks.

We talked to a former customer who said, “That’s crazy.” The man said he recently got his driver’s license at the location, and he was surprised to hear about backroom deals.

“I don’t think that’s cool at all and I think they deserve to be closed down,” he said.

The Department of Revenue (DOR) confirmed to FOX 2 that state regulators shut down the office.

A DOR rep said it was being run by a private company called York Management Group LLC and that the state is now rebidding the office to another contractor.

York Management lists a phone number on its website that’s disconnected, and the company did not answer our emails.

A former employee at a second license office in Florissant also faces a criminal charge, but in Florissant, it’s the license office that discovered the anomalies.

“I noticed it. I contacted our director of administration. He launched a full-scale investigation and turned it over to Central Investigation Bureau,” Claire Niswonger said.

The Florissant location is run by Elle Management and it remains open. Niswonger says no one will get away with a back-room deal at her office for long.

“We have quite a few protocols in place as far as our office managers observing the staff and supervising them, checking over them, doing a daily audit, and that, coupled with us noticing a few people coming in and asking for a clerk by name, that’s very strange,” she said.

The defendants all face court dates at the end of June.

“These are important public services,” St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell said. “These are taxpayer funds and if you meet misappropriate those things you are going to be held accountable.”

Bell’s office is prosecuting four former DMV employees for felony crimes ranging from forgery to acceding to corruption by a Public Servant.

“You see so many people that are struggling to pay their taxes and get their tags just to find out there are some who are working to essentially steal,” he said.