ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Teenagers with a long list of criminal priors are in custody after a frightening armed encounter.

Only FOX 2 was able to obtain the eye-opening evidence from the chaos that broke out Sunday morning at a St. Charles gas station.

Video shows two white cars are being targeted by a Mercedes SUV that police say was stolen earlier from Brentwood. You can see two suspects run simultaneously to each car to steal items inside. The victim driver by the pump sees her purse swiped and chases down one suspect down. She gets all the way into his SUV, then backs out with her hands up.

Ashley Holbrook saw it. She said, “I’m just actually really speechless because I really can’t believe that happened so close.”

On the video, you can hear the hysteria. Then the suspects drive off with the stolen goods, which includes one victim’s car keys. You can also hear that victim’s panic when the suspects return for her car.

You can hear screams, “Why are you taking my car?”

Holbrook said, “Her adrenaline was pumped, and she was scared and angry at the same time.”

St. Charles Police Lt. Tom Wilkison said, “She could have very well have been shot. The Lieutenant explained that, yet another witness also dodged a bullet, literally, after chasing the suspects down 370.

“Those suspects were armed,” he said, “They fired at that person who was following them on the highway, so the witness was getting shot at.”

He told us St. Charles detectives have identified five suspects, at least two of whom are now charged. Those include 18-year-olds Lance K. Campbell and Torreon McCottrell. The charging documents include information that both suspects have a long list of juvenile priors.

“It doesn’t matter what area you’re in,” witness Holbrook added.

She said it’s a lesson. Don’t give criminals an inch.

“Keep your doors locked,” she said, “And pay attention to your surroundings when you’re getting fuel. Never leave your car running, even at 11 a.m. on a Sunday.”