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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol offers clues about why charges have not been filed in a November crash that killed two MoDOT workers and seriously injured another.

The driver who apparently caused the collision said he blacked out, and the report indicates investigators are looking into whether he had a medical emergency.

The fatal crash happened on November 18, 2021, on Telegraph Road over I-255. Pregnant MoDOT worker Kaitlyn Anderson died with her unborn baby Jaxx. James Brooks also died. Mike Brown survived, suffering broken bones all over his body and a traumatic brain injury.

A crash reconstruction report notes the driver, 68-year-old Stanley McFadden, told police: “I don’t remember the crash.”

“The driver may have been suffering from a medical condition at the time of the crash,” the report states.

The report is not specific, saying, “Please reference medical records from the Mehlville Fire Protection District and Mercy Hospital South.” Those records are not attached to the report.

Road conditions were clear and dry that day, according to Highway Patrol. The state troopers’ investigation found something unusual with the speedometer for the Chevy Cavalier that plowed into the workers.

It was frozen at about 42 miles per hour, from the moment of impact. The crash reconstruction photo documents what the trooper found.

The investigation also found a “short skid” before impact, which led to calculations McFadden was driving 45-47 mph in the 40 mph zone.

FOX 2 found no mention of cell phone use in the report.

The crash scene also established that MoDOT had no protective truck behind the workers, something Anderson’s family has questioned in several previous Fox File reports.

“Why wasn’t there a safety truck,” Anderson’s Aunt Tabatha Moore told FOX 2. “We don’t want to hear, ‘Oh, it broke down. We don’t want to hear we were short-staffed.”

MoDOT has not answered our repeated questions about safety procedures, but FOX 2 has learned MoDOT’s director wrote a letter to the St. Louis County Prosecutor, asking for the driver to be criminally charged.

Wesley Bell commended the director for advocating for MoDOT employees. He released a statement that reads, in part: “Our office has an ethical duty to do our due diligence when conducting any and all criminal investigations. I have a huge amount of respect for the great and often courageous work of the men and women of MoDOT.”

“That said, the men and women of the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office are also dedicated to the work of justice and public safety,” the statement continues. “Unfortunately, that work is not always swift. However, we pledge to the residents of St. Louis County to do everything we can, within the limits of the law, to get every case right.”

Bell said he’s still waiting on records, and if those are medical records, we know those answers can take months.