JENNINGS, Mo. – An emergency special city council meeting has been scheduled in a north St. Louis County community after multiple officials resigned earlier this week.

The City of Jennings published a notice saying the city council will vote to declare their Aug. 9 meeting “unlawful and ineffective.”

On Tuesday, the FOX Files reported on a mass resignation happening at city hall.

City Attorney Sam Alton, the city clerk, and the accounting coordinator all resigned Tuesday. It comes after the building’s department manager and construction manager quit earlier this month.

“The actions of Mayor Gary Johnson are illegal, unethical, immoral, retaliatory, and racist,” Alton wrote in his letter of resignation. “I have since learned of additional unethical actions by the mayor, leading to other valued employees resigning, as well as the construction manager for the city center project.”

Alton’s departure comes after the mayor called an emergency meeting on Aug. 9 to terminate him, but there were not enough votes to issue a pink slip, a source said.

A city council member described the meeting to fire Alton as “confusing” and said no attorney was present to guide the council.

Alton later resigned.

In the emergency meeting scheduled for Friday, the city council will vote to rescind any vote that occurred and offer to rehire anyone who subsequently submitted resignations.

The meeting has been scheduled for 5 p.m. on Friday.

The FOX Files is working on a brand-new investigation into the mass resignations and a multi-million-dollar project that appears to be in limbo. You can watch the investigation Thursday night on FOX 2 News after the game.