ST. LOUIS – A murder suspect, out on bond while wearing an ankle monitor, is violating release conditions, according to court records. As the victim’s family says, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office remains silent.

It involved Brandon Scott’s murder, which led to an unforgettable scene on the arch grounds in 2021. Scott’s sister, April, recently spoke about her brother, calling him a “…loving family man with two beautiful children.”

The Scott family spoke about their frustrations with the legal system on April 24. The family said road rage spurred the driveby shooting in September 2021. Three suspects were charged with murder. One case was dropped. Another led to an April 24 contempt hearing after the Circuit Attorney’s Office failed to have a prosecutor at trial. The third suspect was allowed out on bond and is now the focus of April’s concerns. She recently noticed something about the third defendant, Mark Perry, while reviewing court entries.

“Honestly, there’s a lot of things with the case that’s being swept under the rug. There’s a lot of things that’s not being noticed,” April said.

Court records showed defendant Perry had several “inclusion zone violations” at the end of last month, in reference to his ankle monitor.

“I would hate to see something on the news with something happening to someone else because St. Louis didn’t do what they needed to do,” April said.

The prosecutor on Perry’s case is listed as Chris Desilets, who resigned Monday along with another prosecutor. A spokesperson for the Circuit Attorney’s Office responded that the office will “…continue to seek justice.”

“We’ve been waiting for two years now to see those actions,” April said. “So at this point, we’re not stuck on words that you can use to try to, you know, get attention off yourself. As families, we are looking for action.”

They were supposed to have a hearing Monday, possibly to take up the GPS violation issue, and that was supposed to be with the now-resigned Chris Desilets. That hearing was moved to the end of the month. The other defendant, Jonathon Jones, is set for trial on June 5, but the prosecutor in that case, Alex Polta, has also resigned.

The Scott family said they will continue to appear despite what they feel is an exhausting treadmill.