Faria murder retrial brings out a mistress, stories of lesbian affair

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LINCOLN COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – The prosecution rested Thursday afternoon in the Faria murder retrial, without putting Pam Hupp on the stand. Russ Faria is accused of stabbing his wife 55 times in 2011. Thursday’s proceedings featured several courtroom shockers, including a report that Pam Hupp told police she was Betsy Faria’s secret lesbian lover.

Fox 2 News also now knows about the woman the prosecution said in opening statements was Russ Faria’s pregnant girlfriend.

Carissa Barton took the stand saying she was never pregnant with Russ’ child. She testified that she lied to him after writing him a letter in prison. She admitted an affair that happened September 2010 and ended that same month. That was more than a year before Betsy’s murder. Barton said she broke it off after seeing Facebook pictures of Betsy and Russ appearing happy together and that she later lied about having his baby to hurt him.

Later in the retrial, the defense said police continued trying to make a case against Russ by interviewing Betsy’s friend Pam Hupp 13 times. Detective Sergeant Patrick Harney said Hupp recently told police she was Betsy’s secret lesbian lover from 2006 until the day Betsy was murdered.

Sgt. Harney also said Hupp recently changed her story about when she got home from dropping off Betsy after a chemo treatment the night of the murder. Sgt. Harney testified that she now says she stopped at a fork in the road near Betsy, called her, didn’t get an answer, and waited for 10-15 minutes before continuing home.

Then there’s that mysterious note found on the Faria’s laptop. It was Wednesday’s bombshell, but discussed further today. The document was addressed to Betsy’s friend Pam Hupp and read in part, “If something happens to me, please show police.”

Defense expert Greg Chatten showed evidence the letter was planted and saved on a Wi-Fi called “The Club” – five days before the murder.

Chatten said it was the only document on that laptop showing up as “author unknown.” He added that it was drafted in Word ‘97 format, but Word ‘97 was not on the Faria computer.

“It would be impossible for that file to be created on that computer,” Chatten said.

Fox 2 News spotted Hupp leaving out of an employee door at the courthouse after 5 p.m. Prosecutors did not call her to testify and the defense yet to do so. This retrial may enter its closing arguments sometime on Friday.

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