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ST. LOUIS – One local family is going toe to toe in a fight with St. Louis’ controversial yet popular mugshot website.

Fox 2 has been looking into the site for years, yet even we didn’t even see this twist.

People at their lowest points, some never even charged with crimes are plastered daily on a site called

Past Fox Files reports have caught the man behind it in a lie, but we never thought we’d see him do what we’re about to reveal.

Edmund Tauk has told Fox 2 repeatedly he’s not the guy behind

Fox 2 confronted him in July 2018 when he said, “100% not me…”

On the phone in the fall of 2018, he told us, “For the 500th time, I don’t own StlMugshots.”

This – while later admitting through his attorney in lawsuits against him – “defendant admits… doing business as StLMugshots.”

A St. Louis area father told us today, “It’s gotta stop. I mean it ruins a lot of people’s lives and it’s just not necessary.”

The father asked for his privacy. His teen daughter was plastered on the website after a misdemeanor DUI arrest.

“She has a bright future, very good student, great athlete but in the meantime had to put up with a lot of harassment people giving a lot of trouble about, you know, being on the website and saying her future’s over,” the father said.

Despite a disclaimer on the website saying, “ will not accept any type of payment for removal of a mugshot from our site,” the father recorded a man who identified himself as Edmund Tauk saying he would take money to remove the photo.

You can hear a man who sounds like Tauk on the recording say, “If you wanted to pay a $500 processing fee where we have to take down the site and remove the mugshot. We could do it later on tonight even.”

A PayPal money trail shows $500 paid and accepted by Tauk.

But the father says that didn’t stop his fight. He’s suing Tauk, not just for his daughter, but others who have been plastered online. He pointed out how many are arrested for petty crimes and some are never criminally charged.

“That’s the real tragedy behind this. There are people on that website that have been cleared of any kind of infraction but they’re still there, but to the general public they’re being mocked and profited from for something they didn’t do,” the father said.

The father said his lawsuit led to taunting texts that his daughter’s mugshot is back online, with the follow-up text, “I’m sure she will collect lots of money and a lifetime of her mugshot being on the internet.”

The father said, “I think this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s out there and what he’s hiding and as a concerned citizen I’m going to do everything I can to expose this and stop it. And I appreciate your help in doing so.”

Fox 2 has not received a response from Tauk or his attorney, but Fox 2 will cover the next court date in this developing StLMugshots story.