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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– From a daycare that reportedly smelled like `death` to another that gave a child the wrong breast milk.  Regulators are finding a variety of problems in every neighborhood.

See our map: Daycare violations in St. Louis

We’ll start with Bright Horizons Children’s Center on the Washington University Campus. The facility reported itself last June for giving a child ‘the wrong breast milk.’  Then the next day a state inspector reported a girl who ‘received 1st and 2nd degree burns on her feet.’  The girl was barefoot, playing on an outdoor rubberized play surface.  An inspector used a `gun` thermometer and found the surface as hot as ‘151 degrees.’

In an answer to the State of Missouri, Bright Horizons installed shade structures and purchased its own `gun` thermometer.  The center`s corporate office also sent Fox 2 an e-mail adding that it’s “trained all teachers… on how to check the temperatures of… play surfaces.”  The center is also upgrading those surfaces.  Bright Horizons also said it has “clear policies… around bottle storage.” that were “not followed” and the “teacher is no longer at the center.”

In North City, a firefighter called state inspectors after leaving the Chapel of Praise.  He reported ‘the building and floors are filthy and in disrepair.’  The firefighter went back with a child care inspector and documented `44` health concerns  including the ‘smell …of something deceased,’ possibly a ‘dead mouse.’ Child care workers inside told me they would come out to talk, but never did. Then someone hung up when I called.

We found a very open response to a violation report at All My Children Learning Center on Midland.  The center not only reported itself, when a teacher hit a child, Director Linda Moreland talked about it.  Moreland said, “We are here to nurture children and make sure they are always in a safe environment.”

Last September, All My Children not only fired the teacher, it fired a teacher who witnessed the abuse and didn`t report it immediately to supervisors.  Moreland wasn`t director at the time, but she said the owner supports doing the right thing and being open and honest about it.  Moreland added, “I would never go home and go to sleep with it on my conscience that someone abused a child and, and just overlook it or just sweep it under the rug

Rose Anderson-Rice, Assistant Director for United 4 Children, said problems can strike anywhere.  She said sometimes the difference is how a center responds and talks to parents about it.  She explained, “Those providers that really understand that connection and that communication and how critical that is, do a better job of really sharing with families when things arise, quickly getting the word out so that families aren`t hearing from the news or other folks out in the field, or out in the community, what`s going on in a facility that`s taking care of their child.”

We’ve compiled a searchable map where you can click on a location and read the violation.  If you want more detail, we have links to the full inspection reports.

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You can also get help finding a good child care program through the groups United 4 ChildrenChild Care Aware Missouri and Quality Counts Illinois

We mapped violations in a special report last year, which you can access through this report —

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