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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Bruce Jenner’s decision to transition from a man into a woman has the entire country talking about what it means to be transgender.  There are lots of support groups for transgender teenagers and adults, but until now, none for children.  Children’s Hospital in St. Louis is hosting the first ever kids club for transgender children ages 5 to 12.  Children’s is the #6 hospital in the country. Some of the children don’t know their gender and are considered gender neutral.  But all share the same emotional and physical uncertainties and feel at home and safe with the other children.  Kids fill out a name tag and use the name they want to be called that night.  It may or may not be the name they use at school or with friends.  They draw pictures, read stories, play dress us and dance.  They laugh and smile and talk about anything that’s on their mind.  Two of the children agreed to talk on camera about the time they knew they were born in the wrong body.  They say they knew something was wrong around age 3 or 4.  They didn’t like dresses according their gender.  All are comfortable and much happier when they live as they feel comfortable.

Just 5 years ago schools and families didn’t talk about transgender children as openly as they do today.  Children’s hospital just added gender questions to their health screenings for inpatients.  They goal is to identify children who are struggling.

Treatments help transgender kids cope