UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – The sky is literally falling on Mona Drive in University City. A giant tree limb fell on the brand-new car of a woman who came to help.

“Every day, it’s something different,” one neighbor said. “You can’t get the responses you need.”

Tree cleanup has her blocked from her home and now University City is saying there’s no home to go to as it issues condemnation orders.

People keep hearing there’s assistance, like at Thursday’s SEMA function in University City, but they say they haven’t heard it’s helped, anyone.

“I really want to know,” Shauna said. “I’m trying to find somebody who actually went and stood in that line to see what they got for those hours?”

The streets are lined with entire lifetimes of memories waiting to go to the landfill.

“We’ve had trash on the streets for 12 days now,” Heather Huelskamp said. “Almost 2 weeks, not a single trash pickup.”

Huelskamp shot an iPhone video on July 26 of the river running through her backyard. Then she saw almost her whole life’s belongings floating in the basement.

“We just need help,” she said. “It was just my sister. We cleaned up all the sludge ourselves.”

Huelskamp has lived in her home for more than a decade and says she’s never seen this.

“12 years and never had a flood,” she said.

“It’s just overwhelming,” University City’s City Manager Gregory Rose said. “In fact, one of our own councilmembers falls into that category and was displaced.”

Rose continued: “Areas of University City flooded that had never been flooded before, including our own fire station.”

Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced from that fire station Wednesday, that he’s asked the feds for help, while warning, “It won’t be quick enough. …So people shouldn’t get too much of an expectation.”

Like that trash that’s lined the streets for 11 days now. The city manager said they’re getting to it, moving from the east end that sustained the most damage. He said bulk trash pick-up which usually takes one month, could take even longer this time.