Former Chesterfield cop who secretly videotaped men’s restroom is wanted again

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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – David Cerna was a Chesterfield Police officer who FOX 2 busted recording men in a Chesterfield gas station bathroom. Our investigation led to his conviction for sex crimes five years ago. Cerna’s sentence should be done, except he’s a wanted man yet again.

The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office confirmed an arrest warrant involving new crimes.

Police don’t know where Cerna is now, but he’s been in and out of jail repeatedly since we first told you about him years ago.

In 2016, FOX 2 confronted Cerna after court, asking, “What do you say to all the men and boys who used that bathroom where you hid a camera?”

“No comment, sir,” Cerna said.

That was after a judge sentenced him in a case so bizarre it made the rounds on national talk shows.

Our Fox Files investigation in 2014 found a hidden camera in a Chesterfield gas station bathroom. We traced it to Cerna.

Chesterfield Police fired him and opened its own investigation. They found Cerna also secretly recorded the genitals of a minor during a pat-down search.

The criminal charges led to just a one-year prison sentence but with a warning that he could return to prison for a decade if he violated probation.

The courts found he did violate probation. Cerna pleaded guilty this past March to two new felonies – drug possession and failing to register as a sex offender.

Instead of going back to prison, he got another break. A judge sentenced him to four years of probation.

It came out in court on Dec. 3 he’s in violation yet again. This time, he didn’t show up to court, leading to an active warrant for his arrest.

We’ve attempted to get a comment from Cerna at least 20 times in the last seven years we’ve followed his case. Every time he’s either not answered or said, “no comment.”

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