Former corrections officer charged with assault now on her second out-of-town vacation

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ST. LOUIS – A former corrections officer, who has been charged with assault, left Sunday on her second out-of-town vacation.

The assault incident was caught on video. Fox 2 first exposed the jail beating in a June Fox Files report.

This current vacation is in Orlando. She also was allowed to travel previously for a Puerto Rico vacation while facing her felony assault charge.

Demeria Thomas was a corrections officer at the time of the incident, at the St. Louis Justice Center. A police report says Thomas can be seen talking to two inmates who are about to attack another inmate.

The report says you can see and hear Thomas press a button opening another inmate’s door. The attacking inmates then viciously attack a third inmate, leading to a reported concussion, broken jaw and teeth knocked out.

That beaten inmate’s mother spoke to Fox 2 by phone. She said, “Every time the door clicks, unlocks and opens, he is afraid for his life.”

The beaten inmate’s mother asked to remain anonymous for the safety of her son, but said she could not remain silent any longer.

She added, “I am appalled that she is allowed to do whatever she desires, while my son, who is a victim, still suffers every day for something that was orchestrated by her.”

She said this is not a case of “he said, she said’’ because of the video. She explained, “You can’t lie about it. It’s on videotape. Everyone’s seen the tape.”

Judge Lynn Perkins referred Fox 2 reporter Chris Hayes to the court’s spokesperson who could not comment. Thomas’ attorney, on the other hand, made several points.

Terence Niehoff said his client must remain under GPS monitoring during this vacation, which ends Thursday.

He added that the current Orlando vacation, like the one to Puerto Rico, was not only prepaid and prearranged before she was criminally charged, but that Niehoff also had to prove that to the judge before the vacation was allowed.

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