FOX Files: Arnold residents have zero answers about retaining wall blowout

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ARNOLD, Mo. – Next week will be three months since the massive retaining wall in Arnold collapsed from 50 feet above. What’s happened since then? Almost nothing.

Arnold homeowners on Windcrest Circle are now beginning to wonder if: 1) They’ll ever find out why it blew out and 2) whether anyone’s going to do anything about it.

There’s only been one change in three months – more bricks are gone as inspectors have removed them in the search for answers.

“There’s been people crawling all over the wall for a while,” said resident Tim Gray. “We have people staring down at our backyard all the time because they’re looking at it.”

Gray said that’s the only movement he’s noticed.

“My suspicion is they’re just not really sure what the cause is, not quite sure what to do about it other than taking the whole thing down and actually doing it right,” he said.

Businesses on top have reopened. It’s a strip mall on JeffCo Boulevard. It’s closed off in the back, along with the drive through.

“I don’t think Jimmy John’s is coming into our backyard … or anything, ha, but I do think that the reason it happened was pressure they hadn’t figured on,” Gray said.

Arnold city leaders still have no answers from the original owner/developer and current property manager – Raven Development. They’ve demanded an engineering report to explain what happened and how they’ll fix it.

Raven Development hasn’t answered Fox 2’s multiple phone calls and emails. We tried again Thursday.

Reporter Chris Hayes asked over the phone, “I’m calling you as you probably know for about the fifth time trying to get an answer about the retaining wall?” An operator answered, “I’m not the correct person to speak with. Can I get your name and number and have someone call you back?”

We’re still waiting for a response.

Arnold’s city administrator said they’re frustrated too. They’re waiting for the developer because they believe it’s the developer’s responsibility to take on the cost and fix it. However, Arnold is now looking into what taxpayers may have to take on if they continue being ignored.

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