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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- He was banned from his own neighborhood for months, after people called him a bully.  You`re about to meet him and as you`ll see, he may unlike anyone else you`ve ever seen.

We'd like to know what you think after watching the report.  Does the punishment fit the crime? Prohibited from his own his own street, he had to get special permission from a judge just to go home for a few hours.  The accused bully calls it a conspiracy by big business to take his property.  His accusers say he`s dangerous and unpredictable.

Dan Scott said with excitement, "It`s great to be home ahaha.  It's good to have on my underwear, ha, ha."

A judge ordered him to stay away from Forest Park Southeast.  Scott said, "For 17 months, almost two years."  Hayes asked, "How did you conduct business?"  Scott replied, "I couldn`t. I was banned from my house, banned from my business." Hayes followed up, "Where did you go?" Scott replied, "went to uh, live on someone`s couch."

He owns property, like townhouses on Gibson, a community garden and the 17th Ward Training Center.  He believes the court action is aimed at squeezing him out.

He led me to a hill where we could get a good view.  He pointed, "There, brand new hospital, new hospital. They`re going to put another building there. Look at this, that`s brand new, look at that, that`s brand new. There`s my little house right there next to it hahaha."

Scott says he`s called a villain for demanding city leaders look out for the little guy. He added, "Have them support small businesses. Write a plan..." Then he shouted, "Hey Hey Kevin what`s up ahhahaha."

This is what our interview was like, often interrupted.

I asked two men walking up, "How do you know Dan?"  One man answered, "Oh he a good person."

I asked another man who later walked up, "How do you know Dan?"  The man said, "...met Dan at church four years ago."

Court depositions describe him as an unpredictable terror.  A jury found him not guilty on all but one of the counts, which was a reported harassment that happened in the Grove. A woman who painted the hydrants and signal boxes said she was painting over graffiti and fixing her work when she said Dan Scott came up screaming, calling it his fire hydrant.  She said he asked if she knew what the gang graffiti meant and how dare she remove it.  Then she says he pounded on the wall and continued screaming.

I asked Dan Scott about it, (Hayes) "Did you yell at her?"
(Scott) "I may have been loud yeah, but I was asking her about the fire hydrant. I said hey, we can do this community art, I, these kids have been doing this for years, hey can they help you?"
(Hayes) "But is that your place, if she was given the contract to paint those fire hydrants?"
(Scott) "You can always ask to participate, it`s not against the law. I mean if someone`s working and you ask, hey can we help?"
(Hayes) "But were you asking or were you threatening?"
(Scott) "I was asking."

Another neighbor says there`s another side to Scott you didn`t see in our interview.

Larry Lunceford said, "He`s a person who has a split personality, to me.  He knows how to play intelligent and he knows how to play by the rules of the hood."

Lunceford is the small businessman behind St. Louis Larry's Hotdogs.  He added, "Dan is addicted to how this neighborhood used to be and you might as well just get over it, it`s just not the hood anymore."

Lunceford says the reported harassment had nothing to do with a conspiracy and everything to do with Dan.

I asked him, "Is he a neighborhood bully?"
(Lunceford) "I believe so."
(Hayes) "You`ve been bullied?"
(Lunceford) "mm hm."
(Hayes) "You`ve been threatened?"
(Lunceford) "Mm hm, definitely."

Lunceford said Scott illegally evicted him from this Chouteau property Scott owns, after a near thousand dollar heating bill.  Lunceford claims the high bill was a result of Scott`s poor repairs and says Scott emptied his property of thousands of dollars in equipment he documented here.

Lunceford described Scott, "Screaming, yelling, I mean, he swelled up on me, do you want to fight? Cuss word, cuss word, cuss word, no let`s fight."

City records show the Scott property Lunceford rented is currently under notice for property maintenance code violations.

Dan Scott says the City`s findings are part of the conspiracy.

Scott also claims Lunceford abandoned that apartment and left the door open for thieves to ransack the place.

Other accusations against Scott included A City Alderman, Joe Roddy, who said Scott cut him off in traffic and called him the 'n word.'  The jury found Dan Scott not guilty on that harassment count.

Scott is still awaiting sentencing, scheduled for February 21st.

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