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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI)– You`re about to get an exclusive look into the former rented home of a lawyer who mysteriously disappeared.  The attorney is known for turning state`s witness against his former client, the Clayton garage bomber.  Police have been searching for the attorney for more than a month.

Our report shows Jeff Witt’s rented home as he left it.  We have access because it`s no longer his.

It`s a mess, with boxes and clothing spread out in the living room.  In the kitchen, food remains in the pantry and in the fridge.

A computer appears be an intriguing clue for police in their ongoing search for Witt. The father of five was last seen Thanksgiving.

He left behind a ton of clothing, scattered in several rooms.  It appeared several people lived in the home with him, because of women`s clothing in one bedroom and kids` toys and bunk beds in another room.

A bible remains on the dining room table.

The Missouri Courts appointed Attorney Ken Carp to help clean up Witt`s legal mess.  Carp said, “Phones ring at 6:30 in the morning, stop at 11 at night. E-mails, I`ve got ten already today, volume is, I probably have 100 people who have immediate needs.”

Witt`s cases now stack to the ceiling in a room in Carp`s office.  Carp added, “If I`ve touched 52,000 sheets of paper, it`s been best described as 52 card pick up.”

The type of Witt`s former cases seem to run every possible angle.  Carp elaborated, “Jeff couldn`t say no. I mean literally, anyone that would come to Jeff, his goal was to champion their cause and he wanted to tell everyone – and he did – that everything was going to be ok and their results they would get would be phenomenal.”

I asked Carp what he thought happened. He replied, “My belief is he ran away.”
Reporter Chris Hayes followed up, “Why do you say that?”
Carp replied, “That`s a good question. Personally, I`ve talked to him a few times over the last 6 months – he was stressed. He`s got a lot going on, you know, and I suggested that he deal with it by changing how he conducts his business, conducting it meaning, the kinds of things he takes and does.

Back in missing Witt`s former home, several legal files appeared buried in boxes of junk, symbolic of how he apparently left his former clients in disarray.

This case may take yet another turn as some of Witt`s former clients have been reporting that they were promised cash settlements they never received. We`ll keep you updated as police investigate those claims.

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