ST. LOUIS – According to one of the inmates involved in a jail attack last year, there’s more to it than what was caught on video.

One of the inmates involved in the assault now says he was ordered to attack by a then corrections officer.

Inmate Kevin Moore agreed to a sit-down interview from where he’s being housed on the fourth floor of the St. Louis Justice Center. FOX 2 cameras were not allowed in.

It involves an incident from March 2021, in which former corrections officer Demeria Thomas was seen standing behind a control panel and talking with two inmates who would soon be attackers. You could hear Thomas buzz open a jail door of a third inmate.

A camera inside the jail cell showed the beating, while outside, Thomas was keeping other inmates away.

Thomas was fired and criminally charged. She pleaded guilty in federal court to the willful deprivation of the civil rights of an inmate, but we’ve never heard what may have started the fight, until now.

Moore said he had no personal issues with the inmate he attacked. He said that inmate and Thomas were cussing back and forth at each other when Moore said Thomas told him, “You go do something or I’m going to make sure you go to the hole on another case.”

Moore said she threatened to claim he sexually assaulted her, which would make him a sex offender.

He said, “she also threatened to plant a jail-made knife in my cell if I didn’t do it.”

He added that after he complied, “She brought me a $20 bag of marijuana and 5 cigarettes as a reward.”

We’re still waiting on responses from criminal authorities and the jail, but the former corrections officer’s attorney, Terrence Niehoff, responded to FOX 2 saying, “Moore has a pending robbery case at a bar that was caught on video. His A.K.A. is Crazy Moore, and he is telling a story to shift the blame instead of stepping up and admitting he was wrong – like Demeria.”

Moore stands by his story and said he also wrote down his memories from that March day in a letter he sent to his mother.

Why now? Moore said he was recently convinced by another inmate to just tell the truth about what happened in the hopes of changing the jail culture that the inmates say makes it harder for them to succeed.