FOX Files: Man claims police only recently learned he was shot on the interstate months ago

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ST. LOUIS – A 20-year-old shooting victim says police have only recently begun investigating, more than a month after the frightening ordeal. Kemeric Winston says he was shot in the head on July 29 while driving on Interstate 70.

“I was driving down the highway, singing my song, and it just like, it’s like I went to sleep,” he said.

Winston smiled while talking about being shot in the head while driving. He lost his right eye and lost sight in his left.

“I’m definitely blessed to be alive,” he said.

“I just remember my car kept saying ‘car detected car crash. Do you want us to call the police?’ and I was like, ‘Why is my car saying this?’ Because I was so lost on what was going on.”

Winston says he did not know he’d been shot.

“A man told me my face was blown off but I didn’t even know what he was talking about,” he said.

The shooting happened around 7:15 p.m. in the westbound lanes of I-70 approaching the Branch exit.

“I happen to see this truck on the side of me,” Winston said. “I’m like, this is weird; they’re being weird. Why are they driving the same speed as me, like, at the same time? Every time I move up, they move up.”

He says it was a Silver GMC Pickup with tinted windows. Winston says police didn’t begin immediately investigating it as a shooter.

“They said they didn’t know I was shot, that I had obtained these injuries from my car crash, which wasn’t true,” he said.

A police officer wrote in the initial report that Winston, “…could not give a statement at the accident scene due to injuries sustained. (Winston) later advised police he heard gunshots, no further.”

“No one knew about me being shot in broad daylight on the highway,” Winston said.

Winston says his mother finally convinced police to begin investigating his shooting last Tuesday, more than five weeks after the incident. St. Louis Police confirmed to FOX 2 today that supplemental police reports show officers are now investigating the matter as a shooting.

St. Louis has seen so many I-70 shootings that the Missouri State Highway Patrol began helping police monitor them back in April. At that time, there were at least 11 during the previous 12 months. St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden told FOX 2 at the time that he did not believe most of the highway shootings were random.

“I believe quite a bit of it would be people who are at least loosely acquainted with one another,” Hayden said.

Winston says he does not know the person who shot him. The only thing he remembers about the shooter is that he had curly hair. He does remember hearing the voices of those who pulled over for him.

“I thank everybody – the people who helped me get out of that car. And I hope I get justice for this,” he said.

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