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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Vicious fighting and blindsided attacks appear to be getting more popular and accepted among kids.   So many children are videotaping the assaults that web sites play highlight reels.  This report is violent, but we feel it’s important for people to see what surrounds kids, wherever they go.

One web site puts together a series it calls “Fight Compilation of the Week.”

It shows bloody attacks, head stomping and weapon wielding.

Marvin Lee of Alton found his kids watching.  He was disgusted when he said, “(The Web sites are) putting music behind it, kids getting the crap beat out of them and they`re making it seem like an `in` thing, or back in my day a `groovy` thing.”

One of the opening videos is clearly not a fight.  It’s an assault.  The attacker knew he was on camera, when he pummeled a boy who was sitting in his school desk.

Brutality is celebrated.  One video shows what appears to be a dozen kids filming a street fight in an unidentified city.  A random kid blindsides another.  The other kids rejoice.

After a brawl in an unnamed mall, a this girl falls and does not move.  No one rushes to her aide.  They just keep filming.

Lee believes the kids want “fame, to me it`s fame.  Everybody wants to be glorified.”  He said kids will do anything to get internet page views and Facebook 'likes.'  He added, “It`s ridiculous because you`re wanting to be recognized for something that`s potentially deadly.”

We spoke to a High School girl from Alton who said a group of girls jumped her.  She said, “People think it's fun to jump people, or be involved in it.”

She said just as many people held cameras as those who beat her.  She added, “That`s what people do, they video tape it, everybody wants to see it.”

Another family called us about a video posted on Facebook, showing girls with metal poles, beating Alexis Thomas.  She said she’s still healing when she told us, “I`m mad. I`m very upset about this, like, you gonna jump me?”

Her Mom, Tracy Thomas said the attackers used the video to intimidate.  Thomas said, “They told her to look on Facebook, it`s coming to Youtube.”

Police are investigating, but the attackers don't care.  They're still posting their assaults.  Marvin Lee said this goes deeper than what police can do. He said, “If your kid is involved in it, take proper action against your kid.  It`s better for you to punish your kid then for the law to get involved and punish them.  So I`m asking all parents to step up and stop it right now.”



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