JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – A Jefferson County father is fighting for answers about the fatal shooting of his 16-year-old son.

The accused shooter, also 16, is being protected because he’s a minor and he’s not been charged as an adult. The suspect is in juvenile custody, so we’re also protecting his identity.

The victim’s father, George Noe, says courtroom secrecy keeps even him from getting answers.

“I’ve been told nothing,” he said. “I’m so in the dark every time.”

Noe’s son, Nick, was shot to death in June just nine days from his 17th birthday.

“He meant a lot to a lot of people,” Noe said.

Nick was approaching his senior year at Washington High School.

“He was a funny kid,” Noe said. “He was a polite kid and he cared about other kids.”

On June 26, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reported a teenager shot Nick in the head at a home in the Byrnes Mill Farms neighborhood. Deputies say several people drove Nick to a gas station at highways PP and 30 and claimed someone shot at them on the highway.

Investigators say they finally got to the bottom of things after hearing conflicting stories from several witnesses.

Nick’s father says there’s much more evidence, including some that showed up on social media.

“The shooting was videotaped,” he said. “The police know it. Everybody knows it except for this courthouse for some reason. And I don’t want vengeance, I want justice.”

FOX 2 went with Noe into the courthouse on Wednesday, where a juvenile officer handed the suspect’s family the police report while telling Noe he couldn’t have it.

“I would like to know what was in there,” Noe said. “I need the information. I have a right to the information as much as them. I know who the kid is anyway.”

Noe almost couldn’t find the first hearing because he says everyone told him he had no right to know the name of the person accused of killing his son. He found it by checking every courtroom. Noe was allowed inside the courtroom while we were present. However, our news team was kept outside since it was a juvenile court hearing.

Noe said there was no prosecutor and attorneys were appointed to represent everyone – except him.

“How does a juvenile officer prosecute somebody? Why does (the officer) have a lawyer, while we have nothing? We have no voice,” he said.

FOX 2 will return to the courthouse with Noe next month. He said the judge demanded in court to know where the gun came from.