Identity theft victim plagued by a woman who shares her name

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A north St. Louis County woman says she’s spent nearly a decade trying to convince creditors that she’s not Karen A. Clark. Karen A. Clark appeared in our FOX Files for the second time last week. Karen Y. Clark said, “This name haunts me.”

Our coverage began in 2013, when we exposed Karen A. Clark for operating a daycare even though she is a convicted felon. Her clients accused her of illegally debiting their bank accounts. She’s been convicted for fraud, forgery, and identity theft since then, but prosecutors have allowed her to stay out of jail for seeking treatment.

Now, Karen A. Clark faces yet another felony indictment after allegedly stealing $30,000 from her former employer.

“Right after you aired (the story), everybody was hitting my phone,” Karen Y. Clark said. “I mean, I couldn’t answer fast enough. Everybody’s like, ‘Karen Clark, what you up to now?’ Ha, I’m like, ‘Stop playing, you know that’s not me.’”

It’s not really funny because court records show this Karen Y. Clark was the other Karen Clark’s identity theft victim, beginning eight years ago.

“I’m plagued. It’s almost like a disease,” Karen Y. Clark said.

She says the other Karen tricked her out of her private information years ago, claiming she would assist in building her credit.

“I talked to her and like I said, this lady is so smooth,” Clark said.

She says her credit has lit up like a Christmas tree since.

Her credit report has revealed “pay day loans and car loans and landlord references.”

One of those places Karen A. Cark was convicted for renting out with the Karen’s good credit is a place called Turnberry Apartments in St. Charles County, according to court records.

Now, Karen with the good credit says it just happened again, when she got a call from yet another landlord. Karen A. Clark said the woman told her, “Are we still on for Wednesday to meet up at the house and I’m like, ‘The house?’ She goes, ‘Yeah, my rental property.’ She said, ‘I’m not planning on renting a house. I own a house.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, you’ve got the wrong Karen Clark’ and come to find out after a long conversation, it is Karen A. Clark who has been haunting me for the last eight years.”

Suspect Karen A. Clark is currently wanted by at least four jurisdictions that have at-large warrants.

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