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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Travone and Olga Mister say their child TJ was so excited about attending summer camp this year.

TJ was just starting his third day when he drowned in the Kennedy Recreation Complex Pool in South St. Louis County on July 20. Less than two weeks since his death, both of his parents said, simultaneously, “It shouldn’t have happened.”

“We’re getting ready to bury him on Monday and we want people to know he was a really innocent kid,” said Olga. “He was bright and he had such a bright future ahead of him.”

“TJ always had a smile. If you actually had the opportunity to have a conversation with our son, you can do nothing but smile yourself,” said Travone.

Barely able to breathe since that day, Olga and Travone now found the strength to fight for answers, so that no one else ever gets the same phone call.

St. Louis County Police are investigating, along with DCFS and the Office of Childcare. Childcare investigators won’t likely be able to act because Missouri exempts summer camps from regulation.

“This is our future and you’re telling me the county, the government, is not regulating who is taking care of our children,” said Olga.

“Who’s watching over their lives? These are young lives,” said Travone.

They want answers about what happened and how it happened. St. Louis County remains silent.

Olga pleaded, “If anybody knows what happened to our son, anybody, please just let us know. We just want to know what happened to our baby.”

The Mister parents say the public is welcome to attend TJ’s visitation this Sunday from 4-9 p.m. at the Kutis Funeral Home at 5225 Lemay Ferry Road.