JENNINGS, Mo. – Multiple city councilmen have taken a vote of no confidence in Jennings Mayor Gary Johnson.

The letter, obtained by the FOX Files late Thursday, claims that ever since April’s mayoral election, Johnson has been on a mission to pursue personal vendettas and dismantle city government.

Five of the eight city councilmen signed the letter, including Allan Stichnote, Jane Brown, Terry Wilson, Jeannie Roberts, and Nadia Quit.

Controversy has been brewing between Johnson and several ward representatives in recent weeks.

Last week, an emergency city council meeting was held after multiple people said they resigned from their jobs at city hall.

Johnson has denied allegations that he was to blame for a toxic work environment.

“I inherited this. So, the false accusations are false,” Johnson said last week. “Ask the other employees if this is a hostile working environment.”

During last week’s emergency city council meeting, some members of the public grew frustrated over some of the contentious debate between council members. Some say political division in Jennings has fueled dysfunction.

You can read the letter of “no confidence” below.

Jennings City Council sends ‘no confidence’ letter to mayor by KevinSeanHeld on Scribd