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(KTVI)– The men behind a multi-million dollar fraud may finally pay for their crimes.  Prosecutors say about $600 million dollars, meant for the dead, went right into the pockets of people who ran a company called NPS.

The lavish lifestyles are all documented in credit card receipts.  We obtained them from a civil court lawsuit attempting to recover millions.  It’s stolen money that was paid by people pre-paying for their funerals.

Can you imagine charging more than $64,000 on an American Express card?  That`s what the people behind NPS spent at Fraser Yachts.  That`s just an appetizer.

Connie James of James and Gahr Mortuary said, “They`ve already conned everybody.” James runs a legitimate mortuary.  She`s one of many businesses picking up the tab.  She added, “They`re no different then Madoff. I mean he stole their money. They need life in prison.  Really they do.”

She’s talking about father and son, Doug and Brent Cassity, who are two of those involved.  A Federal Judge will sentence them Thursday.  They have yet to spend a day in jail.

James said, “They`ve played for the last five years. Two years ago, they both, The Cassitys. I’m talking about Daddy and Brent, both joined a yacht club at $300 grand a piece.”

Even a trip to Aunt Leah’s fudge cost thousands, more than $2,500.

They loved fancy places like Torneau Time Machine, where you can buy watches.  They spent $17,600.

And they traveled the world as they wined, dined and shopped. Barney`s in New York cost them %5,200and they spent another $6,600 at the Nantucket Boat Basin.

That didn`t come close to quenching their thirst.  They chartered a private jet through Aero Charter for nearly $30,000.  And when they were at the Four Seasons in Shanghai, China — they spent more than $20 grand in one night.

Connie James added, “They`ve put the money somewhere. They`ve lived off of it for five yearsand we`ve all suffered for five years.

James will attend Thursday`s sentencing. She still can`t figure out why it took two decades to stop these guys.

James said, “Why they didn`t come in and freeze their assets? That bothers me a lot.”

See some of the incredible credit charges yourself on a link to this report.

Wine Spectrum – 4/18/00 – $2,037
Shutters on the Beach (Santa Monica) – 4/2/00- $6,552
Barney’s New York – 11/14/07 – $5,288
Nantucket Boat Basin – 11/8/7 – $6,666.68
Four Seasons (Shanghai) – 7/31/06 – $21,082.08
United Airlines – 7/25/06 – $23,179.50
Fraser Yachts, Ft. Lauderdale – 11/27/07 – $64,286
Aero Charter (private jet) – 1/8/02 – $29,310.67
Aunt Leah’s Fudge – 12/12/07 – $2,594.35

This is just a small sampling from dozens of credit card statements belonging to NPS representatives.  These statements were obtained from a Federal Civil Lawsuit. Click here to read the full list.


Regulators long warned about multi-million dollar fraud

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