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ST. LOUIS – Dozens of protestors went from the steps of the St. Louis City Circuit Court on Thursday to the courtroom in support of Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. They want the courts to back off.

The crowd erupted just before noon on the steps of the Carnahan Courthouse.

“You’ve got a handful of white folks who control St. Louis, Missouri,” Rev. Darryl Gray said. “Which makes it hard for progressive measures to take hold in this city.”

Gray said the attacks on Kim Gardner are politically motivated.

“They could not intimidate Kim Gardner. They could not turn Kim Gardner away from doing her duly appointed job,” he said.

The crowd referenced the current threat to Gardner’s law license over alleged misconduct during her handling of the Eric Greitens investigation. The case is currently being handled by the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel with a hearing still months away.

They also referenced a hearing today involving Gardner’s former private investigator, William Don Tisaby. He’s charged with lying about his involvement in the case against Missouri’s former governor; a case that was eventually dismissed.

Tisaby’s perjury indictment is now two years old. Today special prosecutor Jerry Carmody asked to be taken off the case and replaced with a new prosecutor. Carmody says he no longer has time. He didn’t publicly say why, but one reason may be his representation of the NFL, a case ramping up over the Rams relocation, breach of contract lawsuit.

In the courtroom, Tisaby’s attorneys said the special prosecutor should not be able to withdraw and that if the judge does allow him to walk away – then their client should be able to walk away.

“The special prosecutor said he should be able to leave since it’s been three years – Mr. Tisaby’s career is over,” Tisaby attorney Daniel Dailey said. “He can’t be trusted by anyone because of the allegations, so if you’re going to let the special prosecutor drop the baton as the court indicated, then you need to give Mr. Tisaby his day in court first.”

The judge said he’ll rule on how to handle the possible trading of prosecutors by the end of next week, while also considering defense complaints they’re not getting all of the evidence and their request to throw out the case entirely.