ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A north St. Louis County business that was the scene of deadly violence twice last week, is owned by someone you might think would be in prison.

FOX 2 began digging into how Uptown Market and Liquor could have so much violence outside, even with a police camera watching. We found the man listed as owner was recently sentenced to four years in prison for the way he operated his businesses.

However, records show he still hasn’t reported to prison.

The convenient store is the only food option for many people in Glasgow Village, with the closest major grocery store about three miles away.

Two shootings, just four days apart outside the market, injured five people; two of whom died. One of the victims was a store employee, who is remembered by a balloon memorial.

When FOX 2 began looking into whether the store can do more to keep shoppers safe, we found through St. Louis County real estate records that the listed owner is Muhammed Almuttan.

Almuttan is now known as the informant for the feds, during investigation of St. Louis aldermen taking money in exchange for favors. Pictures and video of the deals, show former St. Louis Aldermanic President Lewis Reed taking cash, as well as former aldermen Jeffrey Boyd and John Collins Muhammad. All three are currently in federal prisons.

However, informant Almuttan is not incarcerated despite his own sentenced, handed down to him after the dust settled with the aldermen scandal.

FOX 2 was present in May 2017 when the feds raided some of Almuttan’s stores, eventually leading to him pleading guilty to cigarette smuggling.

A judge sentenced Almuttan in October to four years in prison after considering the assistance he gave the government as an informant. But we’ve learned Almuttan is appealing his sentence and the court is allowing him to remain out on bond during his appeal.

No one in charge of Uptown Market would speak with FOX 2. Almuttan also hasn’t responded to a message we left on his voicemail.