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IMPERIAL, Mo. – A man accused of leaving his wife in one state and then reappearing in Missouri under another name has disappeared again. It’s the latest twist on a mystery 10 years in the making.

Jay Holsinger was last seen by his wife on May 14. They live on Country Club Drive in Imperial, where Jay’s been with his wife Jaime for about 10 years.

“Contact me and let me know he’s OK,” she said. “Why? If he’s alive. Why?”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office confirms it’s investigating the disappearance but this is not the first time that police looked into a report that Jay Holsinger had gone missing. The FOX Files previously investigated Holsinger’s disappearance after an alert from Ohio in 2011.

Back then, we found he’d resurfaced as women told us they’d met him on dating websites, using the last name Masters. A De Soto woman said she fell for him, not knowing he’d left a wife behind in another state.

Keep in mind, Jaime said she and Jay became a couple at about that time and eventually got married.

“Ten years ago – everybody deserves a second chance and people that have a perfect life can judge, but nobody’s perfect,” she said.

Jaime said doctors recently diagnosed her with cancer and that her relationship with Jay seemed stronger than ever.

“He’s been my rock,” she said. “Getting me to my doctors, my oncologist, my surgeon.”

Jaime said when she last spoke to him a week and a half ago, he said he told her he had just arrived at work on Heintz Metal on Hall Street. She said she heard him put the truck into park, but everyone at Heintz Metal said he never showed up that day.

A supervisor said he texted her, “Not feeling good. Stomach issues.” Then nothing else.

FOX 2 saw his desk the way he left it – untouched since mid-May, with personal mail including his wife’s medical records, a raffle to raise money for her care, but also a Christmas box—from another woman—with her picture and a love note reading in part “Your Baby.”

Co-worker Larry Brown had worked with Jay for about nine months.

“How shocked I was that this was the same individual,” Brown said.

Another co-worker described him as the smartest person he’s ever worked with. No one has received an answer to their texts asking if he’s alive.

“Are you ok? Is everything ok?” Brown said.

Jaime added: “I just want to know whether he’s OK, whether he’s alive. If he didn’t want to be with me, that’s fine – be a man and face me. I can’t run from my cancer.”

She said he left behind critical heart medications. She said he left home May 14 driving a 2007 or 2008 GMC Sierra crew cab pick-up with a silver tool box with the license plate 1WE S39.

Jaime said he may be wearing a black Batman ballcap and one that appears in pictures left behind on his desk. A former co-worker said he sometimes called himself Batman—or Bruce Wayne, his secret identity—at times.