Missing walkway railing one of several hazards residents want fixed before crowds flood city streets

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ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis City has temporarily named Clark Avenue "All-Star Avenue" in preparation for the NHL All-Star Weekend. Just blocks away, people hope the frenzy doesn’t put someone over the edge – like the edge that hangs over the Interstate 64 exit on the Market Street pedestrian walkway.

“I wouldn’t even go that way because I’m afraid of heights, so no,” said resident Shadeisha Barnes said. “I couldn’t even imagine, you know, somebody falling down there.”

Barnes also pointed out that people walk by the hazard to their hotel after drinking in local restaurants.

It’s unnerving to walk along and have a guardrail hip-high and then suddenly see an opening that leaves a shin-high concrete ledge you can easily trip over. The fall would be about 50 feet onto the pavement below.

Fox 2 texted pictures to a mayor’s office spokesperson who responded immediately that he contacted St. Louis road crews to cover this as soon as possible, even though he said it’s ultimately a MoDOT responsibility. He said he hoped to get action at any minute.

Another resident said he’s been warning the city about another hazard – burned out lights on the Eads Bridge.

“It’s been a safety issue for quite some time now, so it’s important the city of St. Louis looks great for the NHL All-Star Game,” Andrew Kane said.

Kane said he’s been complaining since Thanksgiving weekend. He said it took him weeks, arguing with four different government agencies just to convince St. Louis it was responsible.

“The City of St. Louis, Bi-State, MoDOT, and I even contacted IDOT just out of good measure to make sure they weren’t responsible for half of it,” he said.

Kane had to get back in touch with the city to inform them they were responsible for the lights on Eads Bridge.

“…I called the city back and notified them that all agencies directed the maintenance of that bridge back to the City of St. Louis,” he said.

Kane said missing lights make it hard to see junk in the road and even the road itself, especially where it splits around a concrete barrier.

Mayor Lyda Krewson’s office said the city’s working on the bridge lights – working on a complex problem that involves a bad circuit. Spokesman Jacob Long said they hope to soon have it completely fixed and think they’re down to just an eighth of the lights still needing to be fixed. Fox 2 counted that to be more than 30 lights remaining.

Long added that he hopes St. Louis crews cover where the Market bridge railing is missing on Thursday evening. He said it depends on road crews that are pretreating in preparation for Friday’s snowy weather. He said the walkway should be covered by morning, even though he emphasized the bridge is ultimately MoDOT’s responsibility. MoDOT said it’s also looking into the hazard.


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