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BOURBON, Mo. – A Bourbon, Missouri, man who told police he shot and killed his neighbor in self-defense was the subject of a previous gun case in 2017.

FOX 2 obtained the police report and spoke with the man who says he was targeted. The previous case happened in the same trailer park.

Kendall Huffman said he thought he was going to die that day.

“He came out and pointed a gun at me,” Huffman said. “I kind of took off around the trailer and called the cops and they supposedly got him and took his gun.”

Huffman is talking about the same man who reportedly told police he shot and killed Justin King in self-defense on Nov. 3, 2021. The sheriff wrote on Facebook at the time, “It appears that King was shot and killed after forcing entry into a neighbor’s residence where an altercation took place. The homeowner stated that he feared for his life and shot King.”

Many people who live in the trailer park don’t believe it and have demanded action from police and prosecutors. Someone even burned the suspect’s car in his driveway on Nov. 9. We’re not naming the individual because he’s not been charged with a crime.

Huffman says he’s not sure why the gun was pointed at him years earlier.

“I didn’t know if he was trying to see the expression on my face or just scare me because I was smaller than him,” he said. “I just took off around the trailer because there was other people. I didn’t figure he’d shoot me with a whole bunch of witnesses.”

Robert Whitburn was one of those witnesses who saw the gun pointed at Huffman. He’s a trucker who talked to us from the road.

“He pointed it at Kendall Huffman’s head. It was really scary. I didn’t know what he was going to do,” Whitburn said.

A local police report reads, in part, “…both subjects had been drinking alcohol throughout the evening. While speaking with (the suspect) he informed me that he carries a handgun everywhere in the trailer park even to the mailbox to get his mail. While speaking with (the suspect) he stated to me that he did show Mr. Huffman that he had a gun…”

Huffman added, “I didn’t do nothing to him, you know? Why would he try to do that to me for no reason?”

Huffman says the neighbor was charged with unlawful use of a weapon while intoxicated but says the prosecutor later dropped the charge when Huffman failed to show up in court.

“I don’t have a ride, being in a wheelchair,” he said. “It’s harder to get down there.”

Huffman says he was never able to get to the courthouse to testify and believes that’s why the charges were dropped.

The Crawford County prosecutor refuses to talk about either case after repeated requests for comment. Meanwhile, the investigation into the shooting death of Justin King remains open.