ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — The surviving MoDOT worker from November’s fatal crash hopes the tragedy can save someone else.

Mike Brown didn’t even learn two of his colleagues died until he woke up about a month later.

“One of the worst parts is that since I was injured so badly, I couldn’t go to their funerals because I was still in the hospital,” said Mike Brown.

“I was in a medically induced coma because of the extent of my injuries,” he continued.

He broke bones all over his body and has a traumatic brain injury.

“We were supposed to have a protective vehicle behind us,” Brown said. “It was something I was never really trained on at MoDOT.”

He said it wasn’t his normal assignment that day, striping Telegraph over Interstate 255 when a driver plowed into him and two of his co-workers November 18. James Brooks died, and a pregnant Kaitlyn Anderson died, along with her unborn baby Jaxx.

There was no protective truck there that day, also called a T.M.A.

Kaitlyn’s Aunt Tabatha Moore is questioning why the workers weren’t protected.

“You didn’t give them the proper equipment. You didn’t have the proper procedures in place,” she said.

Former MoDOT employee Russell Dabs added, “There’s no excuse.”

When asked who’s responsible, Dabbs answered: “Supervisors, or I would say higher ups.”

MoDOT sent a letter to Anderson’s family last week, saying that after the crash, they shut down road operations for one month and safety trained every MoDOT employee.

“Just make sure you protect your crews you know,” Brown said. “We were out there not making much to play in traffic and risk our lives.”

MoDOT had no comment to Brown’s claims of insufficient safety training. However, MoDOT’s director is asking for the driver who hit the workers to be criminally charged.

The director is also asking for the Missouri Department of Revenue to revoke the driver’s license. FOX 2 is following both angles to see if there’s action.

The family of Kaitlyn Anderson, along with Mike Brown, will be pushing for safety changes Friday in a protest at MoDOT’s Jefferson City headquarters.