ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – “Today was the day,” Crystal Priscu said. 

After about five years of court proceedings, Priscu finally got to see the man reportedly responsible for a crash that killed her daughter Kaylee. 

“It was difficult laying eyes on the person responsible for my daughter being gone,” she said. “It’s the first time it’s happened.” 

Brent Plumlee has been charged with careless driving and driving without a license following a fatal crash on Interstate 270 near Dorsett in April 2017. 

A Missouri State Highway Patrol report said Plumlee was speeding and distracted when 18-year-old Kaylee Priscu was rear-ended while sitting in stopped traffic. She died in the crash. She was on her way to her job as an MMA ring girl. 

“She was less than five minutes from her destination,” Crystal said. 

She vented at the time about repeated court delays. 

“We have been at this for five and a half years, and this person has yet to step foot in a courtroom,” Crystal said. 

Crystal said she knows because she has been to court repeatedly. In the latest hearing, held on Friday, Jan. 6, the judge set a trial date. 

“It was nice to get somewhere,” she said. 

FOX 2 tried asking Plumlee for a comment as he walked out of court with his latest attorney. 

“Is there anything you would say to Kaylee’s mom?” we asked. 

Plumlee’s attorney answered for him saying, “There’s nothing he wants to say to any of you all. You’re not interested in the truth.” 

“What’s the truth?” we asked. 

“You keep reporting he’s not appearing in court. He’s appeared every time,” Plumlee’s attorney said. 

Crystal said it was not true. 

“No, that’s not the case – and this is a new attorney,” she said. 

One of Plumlee’s previous attorneys stepped down, writing the court that the “attorney/client relationship has deteriorated, and the defendant is not communicating.” 

Crystal said she is happy to finally have a trial date, which is in three months. She said it was worth every trip to court to see it through for her daughter. 

“I know you’re with me,” Crystal said. “This is for you; let’s do it.”