Mother Kills Kids Over Post Partum Psychosis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – We’ve all seen how mental illness can play a part in school shootings and the deaths entire families.  Tammy Eveans agreed to tell her story exclusively to FOX 2 and explain the mental illness that put her in prison for the rest of her life.

Tammy’s arrest in 1989 for triple murder in Jersey County captivated the headlines.  The young mother smothered her two babies and her three year old son over a three year period.  Police never suspected the first two infants were killed by Tammy.  They believed both had died of accidental causes.  When Tammy smothered her three year old son on his birthday, authorities put it all together.

Tammy admits what she did.  She says she heard voices telling her to kill her children.  She couldn’t fight the voices, yet she never told anyone.  She feared she would be put in a mental institution and never see her family again.

She was pregnant four times over a three year period.  Tammy now believes she suffered from post-partum psychosis, a severe form of post-partum depression.  Doctors who have heard Tammy’s story agree with her.  The difference in PPS and an ongoing mental illness is the duration.  PPS is treatable with medication and therapy.  It goes away.  Tammy has asked for clemency.

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