MADISON COUNTY, Ill. – A man was found dead in the road Wednesday evening, followed up by a police description of events that is too unbelievable for the man’s mother.

Kyeiree Myers, a 28-year-old and father of three, died after police say they shot him, then later ran over him. However, there’s no report that he was even a suspect for anything.

“We just want answers,” said Dorothy Snowden, the mother of Myers. “There are four different stories about what happened to my son.”

Snowden cannot grasp the police account of how her son died. Illinois State Police are investigating the case, which they report began with a traffic stop. However, the police summary does not say whether Myers was the target of that stop.

“I don’t think he was a suspect,” Snowden said.

The police account says Myers was walking away, then started running when a Washington Park police officer got out of his patrol car and began fighting with him. The police account says Myers was able to break free from the fight, get into the cop car and drive into a pillar that was near the officer.

The officer reportedly then shot Myers, hitting him. Myers reportedly drove away.

Snowden commented, “How is he just able to get into one of your vehicles and just take off that easy? I’m just [curious], if it did happen, how?”

Police say Myers drove almost ten miles away, where he somehow got out of the car and was run over by another police officer in another county.

Snowden said, “I don’t believe it. It’s just, something is not adding up.”

FOX 2 went to Washington Park Police Department, where a detective said that they cannot yet talk about the investigation. We also found the police car in question. A detective said we could not take pictures of the inside of the vehicle because of the ongoing investigation.

Snowden says she’s also not been allowed to identify her son because of that investigation. She says an ISP internal affairs officer did tell her she could soon look at police video.

“[He told me] maybe about a week or so I will be able to see some type of footage,” said Snowden. “But trust them on their word that everything they are telling me is accurate and correct.”