ST. LOUIS – There are two major investigations unfolding in the metro Tuesday involving burned crime scenes with bodies; one in St. Louis City and another in St. Louis County.

There are so many questions for two different police departments, and the FOX Files is pushing for answers. Two gruesome scenes leave city and county detectives scrambling to determine what they have on their hands.

In St. Louis County, detectives are in the early hours of what’s described as a suspicious death investigation. Detectives are investigating a scene in the 12600 block of Columbia Bottom Road.

In an exclusive video that you’ll see only on FOX 2, our drone captured county detectives looking for evidence, specifically in an area that had burned.

Authorities have not officially said if the body had been burned, only that there is no obvious cause of death.

Police first responded to that scene in a rather rural area of north St. Louis County around 2:15 p.m.

Nearly 12 hours earlier in south St. Louis City, officers were called to investigate a murder in the 3200 block of Oregon Avenue. One man’s body was found in an alley, and the victim was burned to death.

“We’ve called out our partners at the fire department,” said St. Louis Police Lt. Matthew Karnowski. “Their fire investigation unit, also our bomb and arson unit and the homicide unit is responding from the metropolitan police department.”

Police sources tell the FOX Files it appears investigators found a gunshot wound in the victim’s body. It’s unclear if the man had been shot before or after being set on fire.

In both cases, the victims were men. That said, these are two separate investigations, and there are no details from police that would suggest these deaths are connected.