ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis alderman said there are no immediate changes on the horizon for a popular intersection near the zoo, even though cars blow through the stop signs.

St. Louis Alderman Bret Narayan represents Ward 4, which includes the intersection of Tamm and Oakland avenues, where some drivers have no regard for the law.

A video captured car after car running the stop sign; one driver even stopped in the middle of the intersection.

“This isn’t an issue of not seeing the stop sign, it’s an issue of people just recklessly disregarding the stop signs,” Narayan said.

Narayan said a stop light doesn’t work because the same people running stop signs also run stop lights.

The intersection leads to Turtle Park, and it’s not far from the St. Louis Zoo.

“We have parks all over the city, Forest Park is special to me, but we do have parks all over the city,” Narayan said. “Anytime you have people driving at high rates of speed and ignoring basic traffic laws around parks it sets up a dangerous situation for families.”

From road rage to failing to stop, cameras captured driver after driver breaking the law.

Lisa Mendell was visiting the zoo and believes changes should be made to make the intersection safer.

“Maybe a light would be better here next to the zoo since there’s so many families going over there, and it would just be a little safer,” Mendell said.

Others think a crosswalk with flashing lights may help.

“Lights and buttons and stuff so people can safely get around and take their turn,” said Kim Hongisto, who was visiting St. Louis.

Narayan said while it’s been trial and error at the intersection, people running stop signs is a city-wide issue that should be addressed with increased traffic enforcement.

In the meantime, there are no immediate plans to make changes.

“I don’t believe the streets department has any immediate plans for that intersection,” Narayan said. “This intersection has been the subject of conversations regarding this for years now.”