OVERLAND, Mo. – FOX 2 has obtained new video of an armored car robbery you must see to believe. It shows suspects determined to commit their crime even with police in sight. It also shows the suspects struggle with several apparent bags of cash before making several unusual moves.

On the morning of Friday, April 14, you can see a Loomis armored vehicle pull onto the Save A Lot grocery store parking lot on Midland Boulevard near Woodson Road. Just after 9:52 a.m., you can see one Loomis employee open the back of his vehicle. A black Jeep Cherokee Limited pulls up right behind. A large suspect, who police say may be about 250 pounds, struggles with the bank employee until that employee runs into the grocery store.

A second suspect gets out of the car at one point (police say a driver remained in the getaway car). They struggle with what appear to be three bank bags. The car starts to drive away and one of the suspects falls out of the car. The car stops as the robber then drags the final bank bag into the car for the getaway.

Something else stands out. There’s a police car nearby with lights flashing in an apparent traffic stop right across the street. It was reportedly from the Breckenridge Hills Police Department. FOX 2 walked over to where the police car was parked and we could see that bushes blocked the view of where the robbery was. However, it was clear that the car would have been clearly seen by the suspects as they came and went from their target.

Those suspects made another unusual move after the robbery. Video shows them driving through the parking lot, back out to Midland, right near that police traffic stop. The Jeep Cherokee then turned right to head south on Milton. It was an unusual move because the suspects could have driven in a straight line, cutting through the parking lot right to Milton.

“That could be a clue,” Overland Police Captain Jim Morgan said.

While there are several possibilities, it could mean the suspects did not know the area very well.

Capt. Morgan also addressed the fact that the suspects struck even with police cars nearby.

“They had in mind they were going to rob that Loomis car no matter what. No matter who was there, they were going to do what they did,” he said.

Though police got a good picture of the getaway car, the attached plate did not belong to the jeep.

“The vehicle was improperly registered, so at this point, we don’t know if the car was stolen or not,” Morgan said.

Police recovered a long gun that had been left behind when the suspect fell.

No shots were fired and no one was hurt, as the only armored car employee reported to be working that day ran into the grocery store after he reported his gun was also stolen by the suspects.

Loomis would not answer if it’s standard policy to have only one employee working with an armored car, but police say Loomis did report a surprising amount stolen.

The victim (Loomis) is reporting about $2,500 lost,” Morgan said.

FOX 2 inquired why at least one of the bags appeared to be heavy, as it was dragged by a suspect. Morgan said it’s not yet known.

That low figure is quite a contrast to a St. Louis armored car case from March 24 at 8:41 a.m. in the Walgreens parking lot at 1400 North Grand. Police say suspects stole a Garda World Cash & Logistics car. Police reported finding the car running and unoccupied at Evans and Webster, where Garda World representatives determined at least $275,000 was missing. The FBI is assisting SLMPD with that investigation.

Both St. Louis County and the FBI are assisting the Overland Police Department with Friday’s robbery.