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ST. LOUIS – Residents in north St. Louis’ Penrose neighborhood say they’ve been left in the dark about a fatal dog attack investigation.

The owner of the dogs accused in the attack said the city’s animal control division has the wrong dogs and they are trying to get their dogs back.

On July 10 around 6:30 a.m., Dennis Moore was found dead in an alley between Sacramento and San Francisco avenues. First responders reported he was possibly attacked by dogs.

His widow, Melvina Moore, said her husband liked to go on walks and was just two blocks away from their home.

Melvina said she’s been fighting for the truth ever since.

“Do you have the right dogs?” she said. “Not just for my husband’s sake, but for the next human being?”

The owner of the seized dogs said investigators told him that DNA cleared his dogs and he only needed to get them up to date on their shots before getting them back.

FOX 2 spoke with a 92-year-old man who claimed he survived a dog attack the same day Moore was found dead. The man said his attack occurred just one house over. He said the dogs pursued him into his garage and that he suffered a leg bite which required a trip to the hospital.

Authorities, meanwhile, have remained silent.

There has not been a police investigation. FOX 2 contacted animal control for updates but we’ve been told, “it’s an ongoing investigation.”

After visiting the St. Louis Health Department again Thursday, the office told us, “(We are) finalizing the investigative report from the incident to determine the next steps. If the dogs are returned, they must still comply with the city ordinances requiring vaccination, microchipping, and spay/neutering of animals released from animal control custody.”

Residents in the area are split. Some believe animal control seized the wrong dogs. Others were surprised that’s even a possibility, as they assumed the case was open and shut.