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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Newly released evidence and interview recordings reveal the events leading up to Pam Hupp stabbing herself in the neck and wrists. It’s the reason her mugshot shows her with a bandaged neck.

We’ve investigated Hupp for more than six years, including her connection to three deaths, and now her conviction for killing Louis Gumpenberger.

On August 16, 2016, O’Fallon, Missouri police arrested Hupp for Gumpenberger’s murder. Only Fox 2 captured the arrest on camera.

Police drove her into headquarters to hear more of her claim it was self-defense. The video shows an officer taking her into the interview room.

Hupp says she wants her lawyer. Officers can’t immediately reach her attorney and you can see and hear them reading Hupp her rights. They ask her to initial she understands.

Officers leave again in an attempt to contact her attorney. Hupp touches her neck – slowly feeling both sides. You can see how she’s thinking about what’s next.

She knows she’s on camera so she`s subtle. Hupp grabs the water bottle to hide the pen, then slides both back slowly and casually.

She takes the pen behind her to hide it in her pants.

Then she goes to her neck again. It appears she’s feeling for her jugular or another vein she’s about to strike with the pen.

About five minutes pass. Then you can hear officers yelling for a medic.

Evidence photos show how she stabbed herself – both sides of her neck and strikes to both wrists. Too many to count.

St. Charles County Assistant Prosecutor Phil Groenweghe highlighted this event during Wednesday’s Alford plea hearing. He called it a key moment in which he said Pam Hupp showed “consciousness of guilt.”