Pam Hupp involved in deadly shooting of reported burglar at her home, man’s ex-girlfriend says he was disabled

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O’FALLON, MO (KTVI) – Questions tonight about the man shot and killed inside the home of Pam Hupp.  O’Fallon, MO police say 33-year-old Louis Royce Gumpenberger died Tuesday after the shooting, which followed a reported burglary in progress.

Hupp was a former witness in a high profile murder case.  She and her husband returned from O’Fallon Police headquarters earlier today.  Hupp had no comment.

Shannon Zoll wanted to talk.  She’s Gumpenberger’s ex-girlfriend who had two kids with him.  She told us, “He has a disability. He was in a car accident 11 years ago and he’s got nerve damage down the left side of his body.  For him to be alone at all is shocking for me.  He doesn’t drive.  He doesn’t leave the house by himself.”

O’Fallon Police are investigating how Gumpenberger arrived at Hupp’s house.  They’ve been checking surveillance cameras in the neighborhood.

Police say Hupp called 911 Tuesday afternoon to report a burglary in progress, then called 911 again to say someone was shot.

Zoll says her ex wasn’t a threat to anyone, ever since his car crash.  She explained, “He has a limp whenever he walks.  If you were to see him in person you might think he has Cerebral Palsy.  He keeps his arm up.  The nerve damage is pretty bad.”

The shooter, Pam Hupp, was a key witness in the Betsy Faria murder trial. Betsy’s husband was first convicted then exonerated after new evidence surfaced.  The evidence involved $150,000 in life insurance proceeds, signed over into Hupp’s name days before Betsy’s murder.

Hupp was never named as a suspect during the Faria investigation and O’Fallon police are not talking much about this shooting because they’re still investigating.

A friend of the family of Louis Gumpenberger set up the following GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral expenses.

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