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ST. LOUIS – For the first time, Pam Hupp talked to police about Betsy Faria’s 2011 murder. Investigators this past Thursday did not know what to expect when pulling up to Pam Hupp’s prison in Chillicothe.

“She was anxiously waiting on us,” Lincoln County Undersheriff Randy Lambert said.

That was the first surprise to Lambert as he continued, “You could see her from the window when we first arrived basically waving at us.”

“It was certainly a heavyweight fight – four hours of discussing just about anything we needed her to talk about because she wants to control the interview,” Lambert said.

Hupp is now charged with stabbing Betsy Faria to death in 2011. She’s already serving a life prison sentence for the 2016 murder of Louis Gumpenberger.

The St. Charles County Prosecutor said she lured the man with disabilities and killed him in a plot to deflect scrutiny she was facing for Faria’s murder.

After Fox 2 captured Hupp’s 2016 arrest – exclusively – Hupp stabbed herself in the neck with a pen, rather than answer O’Fallon Police investigators.

2021’s Lincoln County law enforcement interview went this way, according to Lambert who said, “This time we had our notepad & we set the pen down and she actually made the statement, ‘Don’t leave that pen around you know how dangerous things can get with me with a pen.’ ”

You could see Lambert Monday, standing behind Lincoln County Prosecutor Mike Wood as Wood announced the new murder charge.

Because of the ongoing investigation, Lambert could only talk in general about his interview with Hupp.

“When it was over we were certainly exhausted,” he said.

“She didn’t confess?” Reporter Chris Hayes asked.

“She did not confess, of course not, but she also, she gave little statements and hints here and there, enough to the point where she is willing to get on the stand and testify,” Lambert said.

“She’s no fan of yours. She made that clear. She believes you were one of the ones that pushed this investigation and pushed things in the direction that pointed things toward her.”

“She didn’t want (the interview) to end,” Lambert said. “We just knew after four hours – the exhaustion was starting to set in, but also the prison officials were kind of giving us looks too that it was time. It ended with her wanting my phone number to call me and talk some more.”

Below is an extended clip with Lambert regarding Hupp’s interview with police.