Pam Hupp wins delay in her murder trial

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Pam Hupp’s own attorney said Hupp preferred keeping the April trial date. However, the defense counselor said Hupp understands the need to make sure they’re ready for trial and that she did not object to asking for a delay. So the judge allowed it.

Hupp faces a first-degree murder charge, which came after her August 2016 arrest. Hupp allegedly shot and killed a man with disabilities, claiming he attacked her.

Prosecutors said Hupp planned everything and even tried luring other prospective victims.

In court Friday, Hupp’s attorneys argued they were unsure when they’ll be ready for trial. They pointed to a large stack of documents they claimed to be seeing for the first time in court. Prosecutors objected, saying the documents weren’t new and irrelevant to this case. The documents involve the unsolved murder of Hupp’s friend, Betsy Faria – an entirely different case.

However, the judge agreed to continue the trial and said he’ll pick a new date in the next seven to ten days.

Hupp looked much different in court today. Her hair is longer and almost entirely white. The judge prohibited news crews from capturing video of Hupp but allowed our court sketch artist to depict her. Hupp's attorneys had asked that their client not even show up to court because the media is causing her stress and anxiety. The judge would not allow Hupp to waive her appearance.

Hupp’s attorney Nick Williams spoke briefly after the hearing.

“This is a serious case,” he said. “It is a complicated case and the last thing we want is for anyone to rush to any further judgement, so we look forward to working with the state on the timeline for the logistics of a new trial date.”

The delay presents many logistical problems because the court will be bringing in jurors from Clay County and they’ll be sequestered. We’ll tell you the new date when we get it in the next week or so.


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